Getting started

The Incognia mobile SDK captures device information, location-related signals (GPS, Wi-Fi), and user sessions to help differentiate attackers from legit users. To gather risk assessment from the APIs, start by installing and configuring the mobile SDK.

Before integrating the SDK, you need to have an Incognia account.

Supported platforms

We currently support both iOS and Android platforms. The following are the latest SDK version for each operating system:


SDK Version





Choose your tools

You can either set up the SDK via the Setup Wizard available on the Incognia dashboard or by continuing to read this guide. The SDK Setup Wizard is a step-by-step guide and a live integration test to help ensure you have initialized the SDK correctly.

SDK setup wizard

Go to your app page under My Apps and click on Start Integration to proceed with the integration wizard, or keep reading this guide to move forward with the documentation.